If you’re like most lawyers, you’re looking to invest in search engine optimization (SEO) as a way to target prospective clients who are searching for the services you’re law firm offers.

Why “SEO” Traffic Is Extremely Valuable

Every day, more businesses and consumers are using search engines to find lawyers. For example, if you’re  a Scottsdale divorce lawyer, there are thousands potential clients searching for your services on Google on a monthly basis.

Most lawyers consider organic SEO to be a superior to pay per click (PPC) advertising like Google AdWords.

Why you ask? One reason is because PPC is extremely expensive for lawyers. According to Google’s Keyword Planner, a Scottsdale divorce lawyer would pay a mind blowing $48.82 per click to display an ad on the keyword “Scottsdale Divorce Lawyer.”

SEO also shows better optics than PPC. Many lawyers find it unethical and in bad taste to advertise their services because they don’t want to appear to be soliciting business from perspective clients.

Plus you’re creating a long-term digital asset. Once you are ranking at the top of Google , you’ll continue to get free clicks instead of paying out of pocket for each click.

How do you get your business to the top of the Google?

Here are the 3 key ingredients of a successful SEO campaign:

Ingredient #1. Demand (Keyword Research)

First, you have to have an idea what targeted keywords your potential clients are looking for on the internet. Google makes this simple with their very popular Keyword Planner. Just dial in i your keywords and Google will tell you how often they’re looked up by prospective clients.

Ingredient #2. Relevance (Integrate Keywords)

Once you know what keywords you’re going after, you need to make your website as relevant as possible to those keywords. You do this by integrating your keywords into meta tags.

This is the step most people associate with the term search engine optimization. During this step, you are optimizing your website for search engine queries (making it relevant to the keywords you want rank for in Google).


OK, now you’ve set up your website to be relevant to the search engine keyword phrases, but that’s still not enough to rank for highly competitive keywords.

Ingredient #3. Authority (Inbound Links)

How do you increase your website’s authority? The primary goal is to attract inbound links. Inbound links are links that point from other websites to your website. When Google discovers other websites linking to your website, Google views this as a citation – a vote of confidence and a sign of your authority for your website.

BIG Misconception About SEO

One of the biggest misconceptions about hiring a Scottsdale SEO is that it’s largely a one-time deal, or some how related to web design. In fact, it should be a continuous process. If you’re a lawyer and just starting out, chances are very good that other law firms are far ahead of you in terms of building incoming links. Usually lawyers are advised  to invest a minimum of 12 months into an SEO campaign in order to gain traction and start moving up in the search engine results and generating more traffic and leads.

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